Blood Letter
Shadows In the Willows

Feel free to print it out and show friends, and please leave feedback. This is my first horror piece that I was able to put together in a few hours and display.

I suggest taking the time to dim the room you are in and crack a window to let a breeze through, isolate yourself and enjoy.

By James Fulginiti

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Dear Journal

What a wonderful cabin I have made a home out of for myself. It’s well lit and very surrounded by woods. I can hear all kinds of sounds out here, even some new animals I never heard before. The day is still young, I have to set up and get a sense of the time! The sun is still up but I don’t really have any other way of telling the time without putting some batteries in the damn clock. Technology these days..

Dear Journal

It has been three whole hours since my last entry. I did some walking around my new home. I have quite a bit of land available to me , there’s a beautiful path leading right from the back of the cabin. When I did some walking I heard a noise however. Something that sounded a little… off would be the best choice of words. I set my clock based on the segment of the sun as I faced the south. Apparently it is already somewhere around 6PM. I would assume that is right since the sun is rather low.

I am so excited to begin my new writing experiment out here in the woods. I think it will be a revelation for me.

Dear Journal

10:32 PM

I heard some crashing noises outside of the woods. There it was again! The whole cabin is shaking! I feel like a deep darkness is lurking over my shoulder. I’m trying to calm myself down with a little drink but it’s not helping much.

Dear Journal

Got little sleep. Can’t really focus. It’s morning. Loud bangs all of last night filled the forest. Had it been a bear?

Dear Journal


After taking a nap I feel quite refreshed! I couldn’t move last night out of fear after I hear the loud sounds get closer to the cabin. This cabin is made out of purified wood but it wouldn’t hold up against a bear. That’s my take on it anyways. I had bolt locked my door but even that wouldn’t hold if it were to be attacked. However, I do have a little pistol with me just in case, tucked under my bed mattress. I don’t think I’ll ever be using it but just in case…



Went picking today, got a lot of wonderful berries and beautiful flowers, some which could even be chewed on! I really enjoyed myself today. I wonder how Mom and Dad are doing back at home since Uncle Mour moved in. I don’t think he’ll be too much of a problem, Dad has been good at getting people motivated.


The noise is back. I feel chills up and down my spine as it seems to be closer than ever. I thought I heard a woman crying after every slam. The ground shook and my lanterns have began to putter out. I have plenty of kerosine before I need to bike down to the town so I don’t feel concerned about the light but there wasn’t a breeze in this cabin.

I heard it again!

And again!

What is that noise!? God, please God help me please don’t let me die here tonight please.


A woman crying again. Oh my God. Why is she crying? Another large slam!


can’t see typewriter











Finally I found my way to the box of matches. I bumped my typewriter off the stand. It seems to be functioning just fine.

Dear Journal


I overslept today, I woke up a few hours ago to have breakfast and make sure everything was alright outside my cabin. I found a bunch of wood chippings outside of the house. I wonder if a beaver has been causing all of that ruckus and perhaps it has a few pups with it.

Dear Journal

I was walking around outside again until I heard more whimpering of a older woman coming from the woods. I began to run back to the cabin but it sounded like the whimpering was following me. My heart hasn’t stopped pounding against my chest as I struggle here to breathe. God help me.

I refused to go outside all night. I didn’t sleep again. Stepping out into the woods at dawn was very peaceful. It’s midst of fall. I like to consider this the season of rainbow colored forest. Stepping on the crisp leafs made a lot of crackling under my feet as dry branches snapped from under me. It’s inspirational to write about the seasons in it’s prime time, I feel it’s going to be one of my best.



It was a short lived scene of beauty as the thunderous clouds rolled in. I went inside the house to keep myself warm. I like to think that the odd circumstances around this area are a mere coincidence.

Dear Journal


I was sound asleep until I heard a laughter coming from the top of the ceiling. Is it the same voice of the weeping woman? It sounds so similar. Luckily I kept my lantern at my bed side with a low light setting. Typing helps me calm down so I don’t think I want to stop. The laughter is so haunting. It sounds like a cat choking, and it hasn’t stopped. I .. I .. I wish it would stop. I feel like I am going to lose my mind. My pistol is at my desk and I refuse to let anyone or anything touch me.

The laughter hasn’t ceased. I silently listened for any other disturbances besides the laugh. It sounded like the woman was walking around on the top of my roof laughing. How? It is a very uneven roof yet I hear footsteps all over it.

Lantern blew out again but I got to light it back up When it did blow out I thought I heard walking besides myself in the cabin with me. What the fuck is going on around here? I am starting to lose myself. I think I am leaving here tomorrow.


I didn’t sleep all night. I played chess against myself for as long as I could remember. When I woke up the chess pieces were arranged differently than I thought but it was a long night.. I went outside this morning to find my motorbike has been stolen. I can’t get home any other way Until I get preparations done for a very long hike.


The woods have changed their aura. I walked around my entire cabin again to find a odd trail of blood surrounding the cabin. I don’t feel right about any of this. The beauteous trail behind my cabin had an odd figure of some shadow hunched over looking down the path at me. I rubbed my eyes repeatedly to make sure it wasn’t my imagination. Every time I blinked the figure came closer so I began to run.

What the hell is in these woods? I don’t like it. I don’t like it at all. I feel like I need to escape right away but I can’t get the hell out of here!


I cant find any of my  journal! What the hell is going on here? I kept the stack of papers under my bed. Now it’s all gone but my fresh stack of papers were still left untouched.


I am low on rations. I have eaten a very stale stew for some time now. I planned on visiting town more than this. I am so bored. No electric here of course and I really can’t go out into the woods.


What the hell!? I hear singing! Voices of old woman whispering a chant of some kind. Fuck! God help me! I feel like I am losing my mind. I swear to god I am going to put a bullet into my head if this keeps up. I am packing my bags and leaving immediately.


God help me. God help me.

God help me.

I was walking home in these woods these haunting woods. It was until I came to a point where I heard the woman whimpering again in the woods that I hesitated. When I did, I felt a cold hand on my shoulder. Turning around with flashlight in hand I saw it.

It was there.

She was there

The blood stained face.

God Help Me.


The bullet is so shiny. The way it rolls in your hand back and forth, perfectly rounded. So shiny.


I loaded in into my gun.

It’s snug, locked into the pistol. The calibration of the gun ready to blow apart my brains at my will.

I can’t stop laughing at this thought.


Didn’t catch sleep yet. Been rolling the bullet around in my hand.




I fell asleep. When I woke up I found all of my journal entries hanging on my walls with blood stained fingerprints. I laughed and cried in a corner for three hours after.

The woman laughed and cried outside of my cabin with me.

The laughter is back.

This time it’s louder than ever.

It’s so loud.

So loud…


I prayed for an entire hour. I feel my faith has regained. I think I might try to get out of here again.


I tried all night to escape. When I went in one direction I heard the cackling of that woman.

When I went another direction I heard her weeping.

Is there a way out of this?


I took a count of what food I have left. I have three days left of supplies. Once I run out I hit zero, and need to get to town one way or another.


I’ve been staring at this bullet for two hours. Who the fuck would care if I died out here? Mom and Dad won’t call any rescuers for me. They know I decided to do this trip on my own. Big mistake.


So nobody would call for help.

Except this bullet.


I think the woman has been weeping this entire time outside my door. I learned to just ignore it after awhile.


Waking up from the floor I found my head was bleeding. I had to repair my typewriter it seemed like it was damaged from whatever happened. I don’t even know what time it is.

Oh my god.

My clock is gone.


No no no.

Now I am stranded out here without any sense of time too?

New page.

It must be midnight I heard coyotes outside. No sign of any woman though, what a relief.

I saw a face outside my window. I went to take a closer look but nothing was there.

I looked again and saw the face of a little boy, full of blood.

I puked all over my floor.

After cleaning it I decided to go for a walk.

I felt hands touching me but saw nothing. Is it all a mirage? Did I lose my mind?

This bullet is so peaceful. I heard it singing to me a familiar chant I heard from these woods.

I have some food left I think.

It’s night time.

I hear kids.

Many kids singing.

I prayed but I only heard the voices of children grow louder until I heard many knocks on my door.

My lantern is running low on kerosine.

It’s daybreak. I’m going to make one last attempt to get out of here.

I ran back to my cabin. I saw the most disturbing scene I could ever imagine. Some creatures were ripping apart a coyote and eating it alive as it screamed and howled for help. It crawled on fours and it’s head extended as it ripped a part of the coyote out and retracted back to it’s body.

I feel like I am starving.

Forget this.

I can’t live like this anymore.

The woman is back.

I had a conversation with her.

She told me I was going to die out here alone.

I loaded my gun.

I went to pull the trigger.

It didn’t go off.

I’m still alive.

Why am I still alive.

I’m going to die out here a slow and painful death I know it.

I am taking off my clothes and running into these woods the darkness can have me.

Blood Letter CH11

Blood Letter

Chapter Eleven: Blanketed Plan

Sorry for the delay. Some of these pass few days have been hectic. College is rolling around and I’ve been tangling with the state lately.

Anyways, enjoy this chapter. I promise to start rapidly increasing the chapter rate since I need to finish up this story sooner or later.

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    After the virtual fight between Tonzo and Cart, Zen-Hak walked up to the two of them. “Splendid fight! I plan on contributing all of that to my newest research!” Tonzo’s eyes glowed a deeper red “I’m not a part of you’re experimental research plans, got it old man?” Cart whipped the sweat off his forehead “For something that was virtual, it sure did bring some hard mental images to mind.” Tonzo turned to Cart “Do not worry. I have no intentions of ever hurting you Cart. I heard everything through a recording system, I can breach all of  the nearest camera’s in the city and I know of you’re deeds.

    Zen-Hak fasten his glasses to his face “Well then, you two do care about Roward right?” Cart raised an eyebrow “Yeah, what about him? Is he recovering okay?” Zen-Hak shook his head “The effects of his Dragon Form are taking over him and rapidly because of his weaken state. It turns out that somewhere along the line he was born into a royal family with a extremely rare trace of dragon blood. Roward is turning out to be the prodigy of that family, and that’s exactly why he is teamed up with us. He’s the strongest in the team, he just doesn’t have the control he needs. “What do we have to do for him!?” Cart shouted, annoyed at himself for hurting his friend. “Simply go to Broken Bridge upon the mission I gave you, I think you can obtain a rare herb that can treat this blood issue.” Zen-Hak sneezed, whipping his nose on his sleeve he continued “Leave the rest of the research to me. I will have the herb programmed into Tonzo’s memory. One more thing, get three days of rest Cart. You’re body is at it’s limit I can already tell from the virtual fight that you’re running low on stamina.” Cart let a sigh of relief out “Well it’s been a few straining days Doc.”

    Lorie warped into the underground laboratory “Hello everyone!” “WOAH!” Cart and Tonzo stood back shocked “How did you get here so fast? And thin air!? Zen-Hak said, stoked. “Mr.Monkey did it!” She pointed to the hole in the hat as GolGol popped out to peek at the new teammates. “AMAZING! Quickly, give it to me for examination!” Zen-Hak reached his arms out as he went to snatch the hat, Lorie quickly vanishing to the other end of the room. “Nope, Mister Monkey told me that nobody can touch him otherwise it will release a hellish curse capable of destroying the world.” Cart’s eyes grew “The monke..Said all of that?” awe-struck, Cart titled his head and laughed. “I’m serious! Didn’t you guys hear him?” Tonzo spoke “The noise does not compute. The monkey does not speak a similar language to us. You and it can only share a communication that my energy levels have picked up to be beyond normal.” Zen-Hak frowned “Ah.. So that is the issue. Very well. Just finding out that this legend exist makes another book of research.” Lorie stared at Tonzo “Who is that? Metal-man?” Tonzo stared back “I’m not what you think. I was once human, and a Blood-Letter had killed my father.. And possibly I.” Cart stared at the ground feeling pity for Tonzo.

    Meanwhile a caged prisoner had already devised a plan to break lose. A starlight covered blanket that glowed with SunKrist covered the creature as it stared at the guards, it’s piercing yellow eyes scanning the room. “What the hell is it doing now?” One of the guards said. “It’s normal, it just likes to observe us.” said the Lieutenant. “Feed…me….human..body…” The creature whispered. It’s body was very small, no taller than 3 feet. The starlight blanket ran intense SunKrist energy through it. “FEED ME!” It screamed as the guards stood ignoring it. It’s lanky legs waddled in the jail cell back and forth, a guard began to stare at it as it heard it’s odd foot steps. He observed it’s body structure, the blanket had covered most of it’s body, no face structure was revealed for a dark aura was covering over it. Two ears peeked from the side of the star covered blanket.

    “SLUSLU SHUTUP!” The Lieutenant shouted to it as they threw a ball into the cell that made the creature cough as smoke rose. It laid down to the side as the smoke covered the cell. Prisoners began to bang against the cells “Leave SluSlu alone!” They shouted “Shutup or you’re next!” The Lieutenant went to the prisoners cell and grabbed him by the collar “You best shut your mouth or I will see that one of my guards come and cut off you’re lips. If they don’t, I will!” The Lieutenant then threw back the prisoner. SluSlu stood up and saw his friend hit the ground, bashing his head against the stone.

    Blood splattered against the gray cement. SluSlu exploded with power as his cloak began to glow vibrantly. “SlUSLU KILL ALL!!” The creature screamed as it melted the cage cell with his eyes, the guards began to run up to him to cease him, swinging electric sabers. SluSlu opened his coat and revealed a layer of teeth that swallowed the guard whole. “HOLY SHIT CALL FOR BACK UP!!!” Another guard screamed in panic. The Lieutenant was already running up the stairs of the cell as he heard the screams fill the basement cell.

Blood Letter CH10

Blood Letter

Chapter Ten: Wild Encounter!

Another addition to the series, I hope everyone enjoys my writing so far. I’ve been working hard on art idea’s with Saliya and I have also been generating new plots in my head for some time. I got a few great chapters coming up, and I know Lorie isn’t one of the best characters but I think this will help with a bit of her history.

On another note, I need to start spreading this story around. If anyone has any idea’s feel free to message me. I have a Tumblr account set up for Blood Letter but it’s tough to get followers for an unknown story. I get plenty of support on here so if you would so like, please feel free to help spread the word of my story.


    Lorie was running through a thick forest. Every step contributed to her loss of breath. She finally arrived to a dark brown wooden hut in the middle of the forest. A purple hue gathered around the area as slow puff’s of chimney smoke filled the area. Krist-frogs made noises throughout the area, sounds of high screeches filled the dank area.

    Upon opening the door, an old witch was sitting in a rocking chair, slowly rocking it back and forth as she stared into her fire place. “So you’ve come back to me Lorie.” Her voice rattled and was high pitched, if she meowed she would’ve sounded like a cat. “Yes.. You know as much as I do that I have a new purpose in life.” The witch stood up from the rocking chair, her back bent very badly, she turned revealing her one eye, a black hole replacing her left eye followed by a wave of gray hair covering it. “Very well, I see you decided to take up Zen-Haks mission.” She walked over to her closet, opening it she pulled out an amulet. “Take this with you, it will guide you to find you’re new hidden powers. You are of no use as you are.” Lorie smiled as she took amulet then gazed at it. The colors of the amulet were dark, a blackish steel covered it, but the amulet had a strong green glow to it. “This way you will always be protected by the grace of the witch. It was just 15 years ago that I found you in a pile of  mush in the forest, and now you’ve grown up to be one of the protectors of this land.” The witches frail face cracked a small smile “Lorista Bangle, one of the most legendary healers and killer witches in the world. You now carry that name in her honor.” Lorie tilted her head, smiling shyly she placed her hand over the witches. “Thankyou.. Lorista Bangle” Lorie hugged the old woman “Gah get off me! I didn’t name you after me for sentimental reasoning!”

    As Lorie turned to the door the old woman gave one last bit of advice; “Before you leave this forest, you have the choice of finding a legendary creature that dwells this land. Who knows what it is, but legend has it that once you befriend the creature, you’re soul is tied to it’s.”  Lorie felt her heart tremble “What would be the positive side to this?” Her tiny voice meek in fear. “That is for you to find out. Now go you little rascal, and come back when you save this land!” The old witch waved her arm and Lorie continued her way out the door. Closing it behind her she felt that somebody.. Or more like SOMETHING was watching her. She walked the stone path off of the marsh and turned one last time to admire the hut she grew up in. “YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE-WAAAAA!” A screech rang through the forest. Lorie turned, her garb rustled against her as if something was on her, she looked back at her leg and nothing was there. “Calm down Lorie, the creature can’t be harmful if she told me about it..” Lorie gulped as she gazed around the forest. A deep fog set in as she made her way through. “So what is this creature like? Is it big? Evil? Violent?” Lorie imagined a man eating plant “Hope it isn’t like THAT!” She heard the screech again “YEEE YEE YEEE!!” “Ahhh what was that!?” She felt a dash of wind.

    “Was that you Cart!?” She held her hands gently against her chest “I’m so scared..” She looked up and saw the tree’s height around her. “It couldn’t be a bird could it?” A colorful object caught the corner of her eye, as she quickly turned it vanished. “Is something following me?” She walked a few more steps, then began to pick up pace as she saw a huge hole that was board into a tree. Lorie investigated the hole but saw nothing, suddenly a forceful push came from behind her as she fell into the hole. She felt herself falling quickly “AHHH I’M GOING TO DIE!!!” She grabbed her amulet and held it against her heart. “Please please please please please please please please don’t let me die!” She felt her body land into what felt like a pile of  feathers. She looked around her, beautiful flowers cushioned her body as she picked herself up. She couldn’t believe her eyes as she looked in front of her.

    Crystals filled the underground tunnel, huge blue crystals that lit up the room. Flowers bloomed all around the ceiling of the tunnel and cotton spores were floating around in an aura. “The Sunkrist is amazing down here!” Lorie smiled as she felt energy all around her. She heard a scream again “AYYEEEHH YEE YEE!” Lorie screamed and fell to the ground.  “What the hell is that!?” She looked around and saw a rainbow aura focused in a bundle. “Woahhh.. It’s magic!” Lorie stood up and stared at this magical rainbow. She went up to it and heard the scream come from it. She ran  back to the wall and stared back at the aura. “Are you going to hurt me!?” Her shout rang through the tunnel. The aura slowly hovered over to her, Lorie began to tremble. She felt warmth come from the glow as it came closer, she closed her eyes and looked away as she was cornered. After three minutes she looked back and the glow was holding something; a floating leaf. Lorie accepted the leaf as she took it, the aura dispersed through the tunnel as a bright flash illuminated, revealing a rainbow colored monkey. “You’ve formed the bond that was prevented for 1000’s of years.” The monkey began to talk to Lorie. “You can talk!” She couldn’t believe her eyes as she saw this rainbow colored impish monkey talking to her. “Yes, because you have formed a bond that only we can share.”

    Lorie stared at the rainbow colored monkey, it’s colors evenly sliced throughout it’s fur. “I chose you because you have a pure heart.” The monkeys light voice reverberated through Lorie’s head. “You can talk just by using you’re magic?” Lorie stared at the monkey. “Yes and you can talk in you’re head to me as well.” Lorie closed her eyes to try this technique “Hi, Mister.Monkey!” She said to the creature. “Please call me GolGol. I am a guardian after all.” Lorie smiled “Okay Mister Monkey!” The monkey floated in the air, “Let me under you’re hat.” It said to her. Lorie lifted her witch hat and the monkey levitated onto her head then pulled the hat over it. “This is a nice home for me!” It said as it sat on Lorie’s head.

Blood Letter CH9

Blood Letter

Chapter Nine: A Promising Fight

This fight took me a good three hours to write out. It takes alot of editting, quick ideas and wits to map out a fight that has good tempo. A fight should always keep the reader at the edge of their seat, well I hope for this to do such.

Thanks to my art assistant who volunteered, Saliya Mach, this story has alot of potential. I just saw a blueprint for Lorie and it’s just going to be fantastic when I post it up on FB.

Alot of writing faces criticism. I know that, but I also know a rotten egg when I see one, or a negative nancy. I’m happy to say that all of my readers so far have shown nothing but utmost support and eagerness to read this story.

So thankyou everyone, for being honest and respectful to me as a writer and Saliya as an artist. I look foward to bringing more soon!

    The virtual field was set as the big screen glistened over the two fighters. Cart was still tired from his previous battle but he knew that he needed less control in a virtual battle. Tonzo had gained a better sense of his body as he evaluated the plain white room around him, paying no mind to Cart. A blast of wind slammed into Tonzo who barely flinched as he looked over at Cart. “Oh, so you’re ready.” His eyes grew a darker red as his sturdy body took a stance.

     Tonzo dashed at Cart, his quick movements were unperceived by Cart who was hammered in the face by Tonzo’s fist. Cart fell to the ground grabbing his face in pain. Tonzo was above Cart, raising his foot high into the air and slamming it down into Cart. Cart spat up blood and his body was diminished into air. The screen lit up as it made noise. “Bing! Tonzo 1 , Cart 0.” Cart was rejuvenated as Tonzo was brought back to his side of the room. “What the… I’m alive?” Cart felt his face. “You seem to forget that this is virtual.” Cart smiled widely “Oh right, so that means I don’t need to take it easy do I!?” Cart threw his palm into the air as a gust of wind began to form, winding his arm back he hurled the wind at Tonzo. who braced his body as he faced the blast head on. He collided with it as he was launched through the room landing in a white infinity. Cart dashed at him and soon realized they were standing on nothing but air. “This area is out of bounds.” The robotic woman’s voice echoed through the infinity. “Battles here will resume as normal.” Cart ran at Tonzo and shot himself up in the air with a blast of wind, coming down with his fist gripped together a wind cyclone formed. “Saikuron SMASHER!” his attack was concentrated into a cyclone as it tore through Tonzo’s circuitry. Cart jumped back, looking upward he saw blood pouring out of Tonzo’s head.

“HOW ARE YOU ALIVE!?” Cart felt his stomach turn as the blood ran down Tonzo’s body. “I am a robotic humanoid.”

    Tonzo’s thin red line for his mouth barely squiggled as he talked. “This is bad, real bad.. I put all my energy into that last attack.” Cart thought to himself. Tonzo shot his fingers off at Cart, who quickly waved his hand to set off the course of the attack. The fingertips exploded launching Cart back. Tonzo was under Cart as he regained himself, grabbing him by his scarf and throwing him to the ground. Cart quickly threw wind at Tonzo’s feet to throw off his balance. Launching himself far from his target Cart saw that Tonzo’s SunKrist was glimmering red. “What’s going on?” Cart felt the energy from the end of the room. “Full Android Mode.” The robotic woman’s voice from the screen said calmly. “Oh shit.. This is going to be bad.. For me..” Cart gulped as steam was running of Tonzo, the blood stopped dripping out of his face. As he dashed, Cart felt his body being thrown, he was being swirled too fast to make way of anything. He launched wind throughout his body as he felt a devastating blow to his chest. His wind threw off the course of the attack, it’s force launched Cart across the infinity. He landed on his back as he coughed up blood. “I just need a second to activate this…” Red aura began to float out of Cart’s body.

    Tonzo was already making his way to Cart who was standing up already. Tonzo’s sights began to lock on as he activated his targeting system. Cart’s vitals appeared, as Tonzo noticed his increasing heart rate. Red aura ran was running off of Cart as well as Tonzo. Cart looked calmly up at Tonzo who was already standing in front of him. “I’m no cyborg but.. I can sense energy with this enhanced mode.. I’ve been saving this new power to ….. TEST!!” Cart slammed a hand into the ground as a huge blast opened from under them, it dispersed into the infinity, becoming sparks that blasted throughout the room. Cart raised his other hand and put it against Tonzo blasting a hole right through him. Tonzo was launched but Cart was already next to him and launched Tonzo upward into the air, sharp spikes of wind began to shred up Tonzo’s body. Tonzo landed, silence following the steam running off of him.

    Standing back up Tonzo was covered in blood, SunKrist energy was also leaking out of him but his body was still glowing a red aura. Suddenly his armor went inside him and came out backward of it’s origin. It was silver plated and full of energy, his skin was patched up and all blood ceased to stop running out of him. “Robot, what is this?” Cart asked for the analysis as the screen answered “He completed Full Android Mode.” “Shit.. I guess I didn’t consider the fact that maybe he was using all that time to convert.” “Cart Heartstrong, this battle is now over.” Tonzo said as his eyes were now blue lights, he confidentially crossed his arms.Cart felt his energy come to a quick stop as he knew he was low on energy. Tonzo raised his hand and shot a blast out of it, engulfing Cart. The woman’s voice spoke from the screen “Tonzo 2, Cart 0.” The battle zone came to an end as the virtual world depleted around them, the two arriving back in the lab.

Blood Letter CH8

Blood Letter

Chapter Eight: The New Member and The Training 

   I realized that this was one of my longer gaps between story chapters but it was for a good cause: Art work. Thanks to Saliya Mach I have been more than excited to continue writing my story, it’s just that character art does come at a cost and that being alot of focus on how you want the character to look.So no, I haven’t forgotten to write, I was just wrapped up in finding an artist. I want to impress the crowd, blow people away, make them want to read more each chapter, that’s my goal.. At any rate their will be more artwork to come, and I am working hard on developing the story.

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    Cart warped back to the storage center. Looking at all the crates and towers he waited for the robot to recognize him. “Access granted.” the gate’s electric beam shut off as Cart and Lorie walked into the storage where Zen-Hak had first taken them. They opened the door to the lab where Zen-Hak was dutifully connecting circuits of some robot. “Zen-Hak!” Cart exclaimed. “Just what was that mess you stuck us in before?” Zen-Hak ignored Cart as he continued to connect circuits and forge together pieces of a robot with SunKrist. “I’m not messing around!” Cart walked up and grabbed Zen-Hak by the collar. The scientist glared at Cart “You fool! Put me down! I am working on you’re new team mate and you dare disrupt me!?” Cart threw Zen-Hak to the ground “Shutup! You almost got us killed sending us after the Blood Letter in town! Roward doesn’t even know how to control himself in combat!” Zen-Hak fixed his glasses “And what am I to do about this?” He replied. “It isn’t my fault you and you’re teammates almost failed.” “FAIL!?” Cart shouted “You got us killing some type of demons when we barely graduated from the Elemental Ruin!” “You’re young yes, but very powerful, that should make up for it.” Zen-Hak said in a quick-wit tone. “Cart..stop.” Lorie grabbed his shoulder. Cart glanced at her “Fine, but we aren’t some damn puppets you hear me old man?” Zen-Hak was already working on the robot. “Shh, shh it’s time!” Zen-Hak ignorantly said.

    The robot shot up from the stand it was on. It had a round head with two red eyes, a red line for a mouth, it was structured like a human’s build but the armored plating on it covered it’s whole body. It looked at it’s hands. “What am I?” It said looking at Zen-Hak. The robot’s circular head reflected the lights around it, the dark black armor glistened in the lights. “Who is that?” Lorie looked in awe. “Well to put it simply, it’s that boy you found in the hospital.” Zen-Hak said with a big grin on his face, lifting his mustache with it. Zen-Hak continued “He’s going to be you’re best comrade in the team.” Cart stared at this mechanical creature “You’re trying to tell us that you just turned a human into some kind of robot!?” Zen-Hak looked at him “It was that or death. Which do you think Tonzo wanted?” The robot was still staring at it’s hands “I’m not human anymore?” It’s voice echoed inside itself. “No Tonzo, it was the only thing I could of done to help you live. The idiot’s at the hospital would’ve put you to sleep. What I did was illegal but perhaps the most professional move.” Zen-Hak winced as he itched his nose “I am practical, and I don’t see the point in wasting.” Tonzo stood up and stared at Cart “You must be the leader.” Tonzo walked slowly still trying to get a feel for his new body. “Not at all.” Cart said “I’m just one of the team.” Cart watched as Tonzo struggled to walk, his movements bulky and lanky. He suddenly began to fall over as Cart snapped his fingers, wind came up from a crack in the ground to push Tonzo to regain his balance. “How did you do that!?” Tonzo’s robotic voice was high pitched in excitement. “Pressure in the crack, I amplified it that’s all.”

    Zen-Hak smiled whimsically “I see you’ve improved yourself their Mr. Heartstrong.” “Cart has been fighting hard.” Lorie spoke for him. “Well, well… Impressive.” Zen-Hak smiled as the glare of the lights above them showed in his glasses. “You’re next task will be to research the Broken Bridge.” Zen-Hak pulled out a notebook “Tonzo has the location programmed. Their are large ratings of SunKrist at the Broken Bridge. If I am right, the Blood Letter’s will be moving there next to snatch the energy. They’re plot is nefarious.. But we will stop it.” Tonzo was observing the room, absorbing all the aspects. “I feel so ghastly.. I should be dead..” Tonzo sat silently on the ground, his both clanked loudly as he landed. “Tonzo you have to help them. You can avenge your Father this way.” Tonzo’s eyes beamed a deeper red, his fist tighten. He got up and walked to Cart.”I won’t let you down, I want the Blood Letters dead.” Cart smiled “Well then I guess we will make one hell of a team!” Cart high fives Tonzo “But first we need to wait for Roward to recover.” “Afraid not.” Zen-Hak interrupted, “He will be out of commission for some time. The devastating attack you used on him has fractured one of his clavicle spines. C-2 to be exact, luckily he will live and of course, we will merge it together.” Cart looked down on the ground as he felt disappointment flooded him. “No fear, you did what you had to do. You’re task are daunting indeed Mister Heartstrong.” Cart glared at Zen-Hak “Now now, taking your anger out on me won’t help you.” Zen-Hak smiled “Just be more careful. Maybe you need to test your strength in our virtual systems some more before you head out. You can fight Tonzo as a warm up. Promise that none of you will end up hurt, it is called Virtual for a reason. Remember when you fought that dragon?”

    Cart agreed to the terms as Lorie opened up a warp portal, stepping into it as it closed behind her. “Where is she going?” Cart said. “She is entitled to do as she wishes she is still an individual, a part of the team or not.” Zen-Hak explained “Now have fun!” Zen-Hak shot a portal over Tonzo and Cart, the two of them arrived in an isolated room. A big screen rose up from the room “Cart-0 Tonzo-0” said the woman’s voice. “Guess that’s going to keep track of our battle score.” Cart said. Tonzo looked at Cart “Good luck.” He said to Cart as he prepared himself in a stance. Cart smiled “You too.” As he fasten his gauntlets.

Blood Letter CH7

Blood Letter

Chapter Seven: For A Friend

I hope everyone had a great fourth of July. I know eveyrone is busy during this time, as was I. 

Ideas ran short for some reason, so it took me a bit of time to write up this next chapter. I think three hours or so. 

I don’t really now where I want to go with things next in the story, so I hope I wont delay too much from this point.

I have been reading a series called Bakuman . It’s a really inspiring manga series, about two kids who want to become famous writers. I can’t wait to enter some more contest after I read a chapter in that series.


     Cart looked towards the scorching sun setting on Zen-Hak, the sand absorbing the heat making the area even hotter. He looked at Lorie and saw her trembling with fear “Don’t worry.” He said to her reassuringly.

     Roward was on all fours screeching loudly, flailing his tail into the sand with anger. “Roward snap out of it dammit!” Cart shouted across the sands. Roward’s tail swayed back and forth, not acknowledging a single word of Cart. Cart began to think to himself “How can I bring myself to harm someone who just went out of their way to protect us…?” He felt sweat running off his face as his heart began to nervously rattle his ribcage. “I can’t hit him!” Cart fell to his knees looking down at the sand. “I just can’t bring myself to hit him..” “Cart, Cart hurry you have to do something!” Lorie shook Cart as Roward began to screech louder and charge at them. “Argh I can’t dammit!” Cart swung his arm hitting Lorie off of him as she fell to the sand. “Please Cart we can’t die here, please!” Cart looked up as the dragon came charging at him. Cart slammed one hand into the ground launching sand upward in Roward’s direction. This knocked Roward over, Cart then used wind to pull sand over Roward continually like a storm. “This ought to stall him. If I can suffocate him enough that he is weaken perhaps he will revert.” Roward was violently thrashing his body around in the sand avoiding the tough particles ripping against him. Roward swirled in place diminishing all of the sand around him, and shot a fire ball at Cart.

     Cart quickly put both his hands in front of him and began to repel the fireball with wind, ripping away at the ball of flame that was approaching him. Cart felt the heat increase as the ball came closer, sweat was pouring off his face as he continued to push back with wind. “Lorie hurry!” Cart shouted over to her. Lorie ran to Cart and put her hand on him, and then shot out a wind blast that ripped through the ground demolishing the fireball. Roward was already slamming Cart into the ground by the time the fireball was put out. Cart felt the sand rush against his body, the tiny particles rubbing through his armor as he was buried 5 feet into the ground. Cart shot wind out of the ground to make his way out. As he pulled himself upward he saw Roward about to stick his claws into Lorie. Cart used all his energy to launch wind at Roward, blasting him in the back with the powerful attack Roward flew into the air, crashing down shortly after. Cart stood up gasping for air as Lorie ran to him. “Cart, are you okay!?” She shouted to him. “Yeah, I’m just fine!” Cart looked up, putting his hand over his eyes to block out the sun. “I think I might of over done it when I did that attack.” He said admiringly. Cart ran over and saw Roward face down in the sand, reverting to his human form.

     “Roward, Roward I am sorry!” Lorie began to shake him as he gasped for air, his body drenched in blood. “It’s okay..” He coughed as he began to draw in breathes of air. “I got carried away, it was my stupid mistake.” He admitted. Cart was limping over, his cape was cut to shreds but blowing strongly in the wind. “Is he okay?” Cart shouted to Lorie. “He will be if we get him immediate medical attention.” She shouted back. Cart finally made it over “That may be a problem..” Cart pulled out a device and punched a few numbers in. “Hopefully it will have a warp ambulance here shortly.” Roward was growing pale. “Hang in there buddy.” Cart grabbed Rowards hand squeezing it, trying to instill hope.

     A huge hole opened in the atmosphere as a troop of paramedics came out. They picked up Roward and lowered him onto a stretcher that warped him away. “Thankyou.” Cart said, exhausted. “It’s fine, just come with us, Zen-Hak explained everything to us already.” Cart and Lorie went along with the medic as they were warped away. “Why don’t you do this when there are incidents in town?” asked Cart.” “It’s costly.” Admitted the medic. “We did this because it was ordered by Zen-Hak.” Cart couldn’t believe the power that Zen-Hak had, it was harder to imagine that they were working for him.

Blood Letter CH6

Blood Letter

Chapter Six: Friends and Foes

As I was writing this chapter I began to realize a few flaws with posting as I write. One of them being that it is hard to capture interest because people need to wait for me to post. I am sorry for the delay per chapter but I still intend to keep at it and I hope the delay timing is just enough for some.

Even though I write, for a majority of the time I do not read. I hate reading, and I know that sounds odd for someone who loves to write but it’s just one of the quirks I suppose. I don’t mind reading something of a friends perhaps, or something that is beneficial, but I just don’t read books. I always hope that I don’t hinder my writing from shying away from books but only time will tell.

    Roward faced his enemy without fear as he began to charge at him on all fours. People in the streets began to stop all activity as random “Call the cops!” shouts busted out.  Roward’s claw came smashing down onto the demon. The demon held up one arm and blocked the attack as Roward’s claw sliced against the dark stained skin. He leaped back. “It’s almost like he’s made of brick!” he shouted to Cart. “Well let us help you out then!” Cart shouted back. The demon began to run and grabbed Roward by the throat shoving him into the ground. Streetlights began to fall into the streets as wires snapped and began to shoot out SunKrist. Roward countered the attack as he hurled the demon into a building behind him.

    “Roward their are innocent’s that live here too!” Cart shouted out. Roward was already in full dragon mode, drool running out of his mouth as he began to growl. “Lorie, I don’t think Roward has complete control yet, so I need you to help me with this one.” Lorie looked puzzled. “You need to use my magic to create a tornado, I will have it sweep us into a different combat zone.” Cart saw a glimmer in her bright pink eyes. “Don’t be scared. They don’t call me the wind-gazer for nothing.” He said in certainty. Lorie held Cart’s hand as she began to channel energy into the air. The demon had hopped from the broken pillar it was launched to. The streets began to light up with siren lights as the police sky force flew into the district.

    Roward charged at the demon and went to tear him in half with his claws. The demon grabbed both of Roward’s arms, Roward began to roar as he attempted to chop off the demons face. A huge blast of wind began to surround the area as it picked up Cart and Lorie. Cart began to aim the wind around them, the demon and Roward losing control of the area flew into the air. Cart continued to enhance the gust of wind as Lorie held his hand, keeping them both on a magical aura in order to keep their footing. Cart waved his arms in a circular motion brushing them away to a desert outside the city. The tornado was raging until Cart put his hands to the ground, killing the rage of wind instantly. “Cart that was amazing!” Lorie said, “Can you teach me how to do that some time!?” Cart smiled at her “Sorry but it’s just my element, I cannot pass it on, but you know that you’re strength was the biggest part of that tornado.” he smiled but realized that Roward and the demon were back at it as he heard screaming sharp enough to hurt his ears.

    Cart watched as the two monster forces continued to fight. “You know.. It’s not so easy to watch this, even though I barely know Roward.” Lorie sighed “I know, for some reason he is so focused on showing us his strength.” Cart watched as the demon threw Roward down into the sand, Roward quickly retaliating and grabbing the demons arm hurling him into the air. “I see such ferocity in his attacks, I wonder what his goal in life is.” Cart added. “If he is after trust, he’s already earned mine. I can tell just from this fight that he wants to be noticed.” Roward let loose a huge blast from his mouth, it was a strongly condensed red flame. There was just dust left of the demon, as the burnt particles blew away with the sand. “Roward, revert! The fight’s over!” Roward continued to pound his claws into the ground. Staring down Cart and Lorie. “Remember when I said I don’t think he has full control?” Cart said to Lorie. “Y-yeah..?” Lorie said , her voice partially whimpering. “Well I think this is one of the times where you have to distance emotions with actions.”

Blood Letter CH5

Blood Letter

Chapter Five: Enter Tonzo

Thankyou everyone for taking the time to read my story. I am still not over my writing contest loss, but I want to improve my quality of writing overall.

As a person who experiences thoughts and feelings better it was anonymous that I got into writing. Even though I was pursuing a career in medical first I just wasn’t cut out for it.

The best kind of writing is one that can touch any person that reads it, atleast that’s how I feel. We are all human after all.


    Tonzo felt the blood running out of his stomach as the rain continued to hammer down on him. He watched the puddle in the ally turn red. His eyes slowly gazed ahead of him, observing the dark gravel, pebbles were watching him as he was enjoying his last few minutes of life. His thoughts began to race through his head, he imagined his Dad, and began to quiver as he looked above of him. There was a dead body above him. He glimpsed and knew who it was as tears flooded to his face. Looking back in front of him he felt himself getting closer to the grasp of death.

    “Hurry up this is where I heard all the screaming!” A old woman’s voice rang through the ally as a series of officers and medics stormed into the ally. As a transporter medic picked up Tonzo, blood flowed from his stomach to the ground. “Shit this looks bad, get him to the ambulance!” One of the medics began to shout. “What about the other body!?” “He’s already dead.” replied an officer. Tonzo heard the words as his vision grew darker and darker. A image came to sight in the darkness, it was a demons face smiling at him.     

    Tonzo heard the voices of everyone around him “I don’t think he’s going to make it!” as the medic injected him, a portal opened up and warped Tonzo to the hospital. Arriving in a bed a surgeon team was ready. Tonzo was hooked up to a machine quickly, as the surgeon began to stitch Tonzo’s stomach back together. Black thread piercing the curled skin of where the injury was sustained, looping through the other end of the opening, the surgeon began to pull it tightly closing the gap. A surgeon on the other side quickly began to hook up a machine to get Tonzo breathing again. Tonzo saw flashes of a man in a purple tuxedo with a bloody face, and a smile that was larger than his face.

    Days Later Tonzo awoke but nobody was in the hospital. He hopped off the bed but fell due to weakness. Pulling himself up he saw himself in the mirror. His body was frail and pale white, he had looked ghostly. His hair was a light blonde and, down to his cheekbones but parted to each side, his green eyes lost a lot of the glimmer they used to have. He pulled his gown to the side seeing a huge black line going through his stomach. “Just as I thought.. It wasn’t a dream..” He walked out and the entire hospital was filled with blood. He saw the purple man in the tuxedo waiting at the end of the white hallway, smiling at him.

    Cart was running out of breath but continued to make haste to the Onano Hospital. That was the next location of the Blood Letter that was to be hunted based on Zen-Haks speech. “You do not have a lot of time.” he recalled the mad-professors words “For your next victim will be the most important to the team.” Cart urged his companions to hurry “Lorie, Roo, we don’t have a lot of time!” Cart’s sky blue cape was flowing in the wind, his torso protected by an techno armor Zen-Hak made that flowed with SunKrist energy.  He had wooden gauntlets that helped shape his wind energy, and green pants with his green boots. He stopped running when he finally approached the hospital waiting for the other two. “Ready for this?” He adjusted the shoulder pads he had on. Lorie and Roward were panting “Let’s do this!” they both insisted as they stormed into the hospital.

    Inside was Tonzo being choked by the purple suited man. The man was holding Tonzo easily with one air in midair, Cart focused a blast of wind energy and shot it, blowing apart all of the doors in the hall way, knocking the man off his feet causing him to drop the boy. Roward charged at the man in purple who was significantly taller. He punched Roward through the wall just using the back of his fist. “Is this guy some kind of demon!?” Lorie said in a panic. “He’s one of the Letters Zen-Hak told us about.” Cart said adjusting his gauntlet. “And he will be mine!” Cart charged at the man in purple, who began to laugh. “Ah little children, all I want is this young man to die so I can take his energy.” The demon showed it’s true form as spikes began to emerge from it’s arms. Cart punched the demon , binding wind energy with it, launching the demon out through the wall to the streets.

    Lorie ran out the wall in pursuit of Cart and the demon. Roward dug himself out of the gravel “Oh no, I am not going to get shown up again!” Dusting off his leather coat he brushed his gray hair to the side and began to run after them. Cart was outside already juggling a ball of wind in his hand as the demon ripped off it’s tuxedo revealing a black-stained body with red flowing through it. “Holy shit!” Cart felt chills up his spine as he saw this. Roward caught up to Lorie and Cart “I’ll handle this one!” he said stepping in front of Cart. “Aw, look at Rooie getting all defensive.” Roward snapped “That’s not it! I need to show you two how it’s done since my mistake from last time.” He got on all four’s and a tail sprouted from his pants. “I’m not used to that.” Lorie said disarmingly. Claws emerged from Rowards hands and he charged at the demon.

Blood Letter CH4

Blood Letter

Chapter Four: Forgotten Memories

Hi everyone. Thanks for reading my work up to this point. I got to say it’s been a thrill for me to write and to see everyones responses. Lately it’s been challenging for me to write because I need alot of focus and alone time. My family is kind of opposite of that so sometimes I find myself losing time to write. I wrote most of this last night at 12AM.

At any rate, I got my results back from the writing competition I entered. I didn’t place sadly, but I am going to give it another shot, five dollars is not too much to ask for when you can win $300 out of the deal and get your name spread around. I am not discouraged and I want to keep writing to sharpen my skills.

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     Cart’s saw a huge white flash as he was emerged into another world. He saw two people playing at the park with him, “I love you son.” said the young man with glasses and brown hair flattened right before his forehead. The cute dark haired but very pale woman next to him also holding Cart began to smile “Want to get icecream, Ar-Rel?” she said to Cart. “My name is Cart. Who are these people!?” he heard his own thoughts loudly in his head.

     Cart found himself face down as the monster was screaming in a distance. He slowly picked himself up, spitting out sand that was in his mouth. His vision was blurry, but he saw in the distance what was a blood trail to the beast whose head was in the ground, screaming loudly. “I must have really damaged him.” Cart began to stand but fell to his knee. “Shit, I used too much energy.” He began to breathe heavily. He looked in the distance and saw Roward still upside down in the dirt. “I hope he isn’t dead.. Wait a second… Lorie!” Cart went to get up again, this time mustering the strength to run over to her as the shrieks of pain continued in the distance. He shook her, but it failed. Taking some salt water he splashed her in the face. She shot up, her gray hair full of sand. She observed Cart slowly, her pink eyes gazing at him “I’m sorry. This is my first time anything like this has ever happen to me!” Tears began to set on her eyelids. Cart knelt down and gasped for air “It—..” he continued to gasp “It’s okay..” “What happen to you Cart? Your hands!” she cried as she saw blood running down them. “I just..” he continued to take a breath “over did it that’s all.”

     Lorie began to panic as the beast pulled it’s head out of the ground. It was a horror scene, blood was dripping off it’s face as it was screaming. The marble white show of teeth were gone, nothing but a long tongue swayed in the beast mouth as blood gushed out of it’s throat. It was missing half it’s head, it’s skull visible but painted over with blood. It began to crawl on all fours, it’s tail swaying violently in rage. “Cart I’m scared!” she ran over to him hugging his shoulder. “Lorie.. I have no energy left.” “Cart! But Cart! I CAN’T DO THIS!” Cart smacked her with the back of his hand “Get you’re shit together, were about to die and join Roward unless you can channel some of that energy!” She began to cry. Standing up, she whipped away her tears and held Cart’s hand, his blood smearing all over her pale palm. Suddenly a huge portal opened up in the air, and a blast of wind pounded into the beast, slamming it through the tree’s until it reached the mountainside wall. Stones impaled into it’s body popping through the scales, ripping through it’s innards. It flailed helplessly on the ground rolling frantically kicking up dirt as it let out it’s last few screams. Lorie fell to her knee’s, her gray skirt full of mud grains and sand.

    “Wh..What the hell was that Lorie?” Her pink eyes were adamant as she stared into Cart’s, his black hair full of blood and dirt. “I use other peoples powers to trigger my energies. That’s why I don’t really know my potential. Cart shook his head in disbelief “That’s probably one of the strongest powers yet! You took my little wind blast and made a tornado out of it!” Cart tried to stand up but fell again. Lorie helped him up, but his SunKrist energy on his open shirt turned red “What’s that?” Lorie asked. Cart gazed at his outfit “I don’t really know, but I put green energy into this because it helps with my wind, it’s read which is fire.” “Why are their dragon designs on your pants?” she asked. “I thought it looked cool, it doesn’t actually have a purpose unlike Roward’s.” he replied. The wind wisp on his cloak garb turned into raging fire being blown all around. His pants were ruined, the dragon design he paid so much for, gone. “Lets check on Roward.” Lorie suggested. Lorie helped Cart limp over. Upon seeing his body half dragon form dead in the dirt, the two of them silently stared. Suddenly a little robot appeared from the sky.

     “YOU PASS!!!” The little blue robot began to scream, it’s face was a square box the rest of the body a floating little box. “Huh?!” Cart was unsure of what this meant. “You idiot’s! This was a virtual world. You shouldn’t take it easy either though!” Suddenly the beach melted away into liquid as did everything else. Cart’s hands began to heal instantly, and Roward began to form back to human, his leather coat forming back onto him with some odd energy form. Roward began to feel his chest “Holy shit, I’m alive!” he fell to his knees and began to laugh like a madman. The three of them appeared in front of the gate outside of the storage area, a metal industrial building.

Blood Letter CH3

Blood Letter

Chapter Three: Fear Takes Form

     Cart doubted that this odd man could help them at all, but at the same time he was joyous for meeting the legend of the city. “So you three, and some others will be my new pupils. Which means you gotta listen to what I say!” Cart lowered his head, his hair dangling to add to the disappointing look. “First things first!” the V haired scientist spoke, his glasses covering a a majority of his face with his ugly brown mustache to add to his appearance. “I want the three of you to team up. Cart Heartstrong, Lorista Bangle, Roward Dolobor.” Cart quickly shot his head up looking at his two new partners. “No no no!” he thought to himself “I am stuck with a girl who has no idea what she’s doing and some cocky son of a bitch.” Roward stared at Cart through his silver hair, gazing at Cart with purple eyes. “The three of you will meet with the other half of your team during your mission. You see since you three arrived early that adds categorization to the fact of why you three will work stupendously together!” He began to release his terrible laugh of wheezing. “Well then, you three, goodluck!” Zen-Hak snapped his fingers as the three of them fell through a warp hole. Cart watched as the area began to form around him. “A beach..?” he said outloud. The other two were equally confused “I think it’s some primitive jungle.” added Roward.

     Cart observed noticing the curved tree’s. “So what was our mission?” Suddenly the ground began to shake as Lorie fell to her knee’s. “Did you guys feel that!?” she shouted. Cart looked all around him, the wind on his cloak design began to speed up. “There is a huge power source of SunKrist around here..” Cart said as he felt the wind designs on his outfit getting stronger. The ground began to shatter apart as a red claw ripped through the atmosphere. The rest of the creature began to come out of the ground, it’s body size was gigantic, Cart had to imagine atleast the size of a building the creature shook off the sand as it revealed itself. Scaley red with black slash patterns through it’s body, a reptilian head and two major claws for hands, this thing was what Cart imagined in horror films. It stood on two legs and slammed it’s tail into the ground as it began to wretchedly scream. Cart observed sand stream patterns running off of it. “That’s no ordinary monster” Roward added “The level of energy from it is extremely high to have SunKrist running off of it.” Cart felt sweat run down his face “How do you know all of this!? Just what the hell is going on!?” Cart began to scream. Roward shook his head “No time to explain!” Lorie was on the ground traumatized as the beast screamed louder landing on all fours, jetting across the beach at Cart and his team.

     Cart quickly put his hands together and a ball of wind began to form as he pulled them away from eachother, he took it and threw the energy at the beast, while he ran over to pick up Lorie. The wind slammed ball slammed into the beasts face as it let lose a terrifying roar, slamming the ground. Sand rose up everywhere, as Cart began to run with Lorie over his back, he tripped smashing into the sand. Picking himself up he saw two red eyes in the midst of the sand. Cart began to frantically reach around him for help out of desperation. He saw the two red eyes more clearly as the sand settled, it was Roward! 

Roward’s eyes were glowing bright red as his skin began to scale over, his nails becoming long claws. His silver hair ran down to his back as he got on all fours, a tail sprouted from his pants. “Just what the…” Cart couldn’t believe his eyes. The red reptilian beast came charging at Roward who jumped up landing ontop of it. Roward began to dig it’s claws into the beast back and rip off chunks of skin in a series of swipes. The beast reached for it’s back picking up dragon-formed Roward slamming him into the ground. Cart’s eyes grew huge as he realized Roward wasn’t getting back up.

     “Nows my chance!!” Cart thought to himself as he saw Lorie was face down in the beachside near the ocean. Cart quickly swirled his hands in the sand as he began to pick up particles combining them into the form of wind. They began to sharpen as Cart began collecting more. The beast saw him and began to charge at him, it’s mouth wide open as Cart saw all of it’s teeth gleaming in the sun. Cart began to sweat in fear as he continued colecting sharper and sharper particles mixing them into the ball of energy he was forming, the beast was getting louder as it came charging at him. Cart saw red aura coming off the beast “Oh shit oh shit oh shit oh shit.” he began to panic losing concenctration as the beast was nearing him. He quickly stood up with the ball of energy, launching it at the beast “TAKE THIS YOU FUCKING REPTILE!!!” the ball went launching, it’s velocity was so high that wind began to form around it. As he threw it the beast kept charging, being just a few feet away. Cart saw the energy he threw forming a huge line in the sand from all of the force. The beast collided head on with the blast.